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Teacher and Student

A teacher should know methods and techniques well enough to teach the same concept in many ways. I teach each student uniquely as I understand that each student has different strengths, interests, and perceptions.

A student should feel comfortable to try new things and step outside of their comfort zone. That's where the growth happens! Come in with an open mind and I will provide a safe environment to experiment and open new vocal possibilities.

Flower growing in cement crack representing personal growth


Your True Voice

The healthiest and most beautiful sound you can make is with your natural, unrestricted voice. Loving your voice can take time, but sometimes you have to find it first. Singing in your own voice is much more rewarding than trying to copy someone else.

Students who communicate their desires, feelings, and concerns honestly progress further and faster. An open line of communication helps both teacher and student stay on the same path and aim for the same goals. Questions and debate lead to deeper understanding.

Singing Microphone for pop or jazz singer


Genre and Style

The voice is an instrument. A student should learn to use their entire instrument. All of my students will be able to sing both high and low, loud and soft, classical and contemporary styles. If you know how to use your instrument in many ways, you have more choices in style and expression. Registration, vowel modification, and breath management are just a few ways we achieve a genre appropriate sound.

Your body is your instrument. Your mind directly affects your body. Voice lessons must address the singer as a whole person, not just a larynx and vocal folds! Whether a student needs to belt a ballad after a stressful day, move and bend to release physical tension, or plan strategies to conquer their next audition, voice lessons are more than just warm-ups and songs.

Yin yang symbol representing balance of mind and body
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