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If you want to know about my wide variety of lessons and activities, or are interested in my teaching experience and methods, I’ve compiled a series of questions that clients often ask. If there’s anything else you’d like to know, please feel free to contact me directly.

What is an introductory lesson?

An introductory lesson is the first meeting with you. It is a full-length, paid lesson with no further commitments. A good portion of the lesson will be spent discussing your history and goals, getting to know your learning preferences, and answering any questions you have. Basic vocal exercises then help establish a starting point. The purpose of this lesson is to get comfortable and make sure that it is a good match.

How long are lessons and how often should I have one?

Each lesson lasts around 50-55 minutes. Students come for a lesson at the same time and day each week (i.e. every Thursday at 6pm). Consistent, weekly lessons are essential to creating positive vocal habits and seeing continued growth.

Do I need to practice at home?

Practicing at home is crucial to making continued improvement and to maintaining healthy singing habits. Every time you sing, you are training muscle memory. This includes: your lesson, dedicated practice sessions, singing in a choir or show, even singing to the radio, or in the shower. In your lesson we will go over a practice routine that suits you and your needs specifically.

What style of music can I sing in lessons?

No style of music is off limits. My students have performed professionally in classical, musical theater, pop, metal, jazz, and folk styles. We will work together to choose music that will help you reach your goals and that you enjoy working on. I will always encourage students to try new things and develop a solid foundation before getting 'stuck' in a particular genre. That being said, I will never make you sing a song you don't like.

Can you make me a star tomorrow?

No. Becoming successful can take a long time and often requires a great deal of work and dedication. There are many talented people working very hard towards the same, highly competitive, goals. Success can never be guaranteed. I do promise to help you build a solid technique, mindset, and direction to work towards your goals.

My students are cast as leads and supporting members in professional and local musical theater. They receive call backs for Broadway shows, American Idol, and The Voice. My professional students regularly receive paid gigs for solo and/or band performances. My students have also been accepted to, and received scholarships from: Manhattan School of Music, Ithaca, Westminster Choir College, American University, George Washington University, Rutgers Mason Gross School of Music, Rowan University, The New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts, and Moravian College. My school-aged students also frequently participate in top choirs, including: All-State, Regional, and All-National Honors Choirs.

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